Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The world

The world, on the basis of every one in the world. Man is a social being. He must live in the community to survive in a systematic manner. As a result of a systematic way of life is perfect light. Peace can be defined as the result of the correct application of the rules and regulations by Allah Almighty. In Arabic, the term, which is known as Islam. Let's look at further development.

The world often are surprised with the comfort of the word. The comfort is something that can be used to refer to some general advantages and objects with which a person is satisfied, which is the only word that comes to light on the meaning of the terms and conditions where unrest, disorder, anarchy, bloodshed, and not only the
Peace and security. The question is how is that possible?
World form of Arabic translation of the word
Islam. Islam is once again the name of the sole source of life. To know the real aspect of the world, we should understand the fact that Islam and what Islam is the only source of life of the great world. In society, the world is only possible if there will be anarchy, disorder and bloodshed on earth. In this situation, you would need a perfect system of laws are the Criminal Code, the educational system, economic system, social system, foreign relations, etc. What I do. is the complete Code of life that will keep the whole situation under control and discipline. The Code of life seems all powerful God can be an absolute and perfect. Only God is sovereign, however, that are past and future is present. It is therefore logical to discard it all will be perfect. We can simply follow the rules of the boxes to obey man, but the inevitable result will be riots and bloodshed. If you want to be the best in the world is to preserve selected code from the life of God.
The world can be linked to the history of
Islam in several unique events in human history. Islam on the Internet, this means that several Islamic Website is designed for the dissemination of the ethics of Islam, but Islam there is a very light weight and perverted notions. The true story and hide the true Islam and Islam is in the heavyweight division Islamic.vg site only. Do not miss the opportunity to join the resources of this site.
You can consider this place as a center of
Islam and the Islamic Cultural Centre, who has dedicated his attempt to bring all humanity in Peace and security unlimited. Keep your critical observations on this and make a decision about what to do to live in Peace.


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