Friday, June 8, 2012

The Code of Life

The Code of life, which is now known as religion, means a set of rules for all human life. These rules are mandatory for communities on the ground for a sound movement. Without the Code of life is not possible to live in a society in Peace and security. Islam is a Code of life, which is provided by the almighty Allah.

Code of life can capture the economic system, education system, criminal law, foreign affairs, political, etc. All of these systems the Code of life is unique in its field won. If you think a society without the Code of life, then society would have fallen into the bottomless ocean of anarchy and bloodshed. Because all members of society would be unruly and uncontrollable that he wanted to do. If there is a Code of life, he will be bound into a set of rules and regulations.
Code of life will be required if we want to live in a world society. Now we know where we can find the code of life. This can either be adopted or submitted to the almighty Allah artificial. Allah is the sole sovereign of the universe, he is the creator, ruler. It's so easy for him to make a perfect Code of life, not human. Allah is the sole sovereign power able to know the past and the future as the present. Thus, it can easily provide the Code of life carried with all types of claims a person to survive in a society in the world. In the Holy Qur'an, Allah said: "The rules will be Mr. (ala Hulk Lahul Val Omar)."
The Code also made a man's life can be taken. All artificial
Code of life, such as democracy, monarchy, fascism, socialism, dictatorship of the most popular and ultimately a denial of their application. Because men are the creation of God, to know a little bit of the future, it may be possible for him to create all the code lives without blemish? Common sense tells us that it is not possible. Thus, by Allah  to accept as sovereign.
Learning about the
Code of life is still a query might arise, that Islam is Islam, and why do you want? The answer is just to be clear, with a unique Islamic Website online Islam ic.Vg, the main focus of which is to bring the real contours of Islam Online.


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