Sunday, June 10, 2012

Allah is the

Allah is the supreme organ of power of the universe all the time. He is sovereign in the upper part of the universe too. He is the creator of all things. God created the universe in seven days with only a single word Kun, was. Almost all of the world's population continues to believe in the existence and power of God, except for a bit (an atheist).

God is the faith of people of all religions (the
Code of life), but a different name, as Allah, God, Bhagban, Iswar, etc. God created humanity with a great love and affection, gave a direction to go. God gave a perfect Code of life to create his most pampered people to live in Peace and security, namely Islam.
Allah, the only sovereign is the sole creator of the Code of life, IslamWhat is Islam, a question for clarification about Allah and Islam, and therefore react to it. Since man is a creation of God is broken, he always wants to keep them in Peace. The inner nature of man to live with others, to meet various mutual association. This should be a society to live, live in a Peaceful society requires the systematic collection of rules and laws that are regarded as the source of life. A person can follow the rules, or the creator can create your own. when the same power, a powerful Muslim states.
When a person must operate and obey them, not
Allah, the inevitable result will be riots and bloodshed because of its complete ignorance about the future lately. May never be possible for a person living the code does not stick. Thus, the decision to follow the rules of an estimated audience of God.
Allah, to discuss their lives, who are too young to speak. In the Holy Quran we find verses (verses) in which some of Allah has been mentioned. We, the people are so small brain to understand the vastness of its existence. If you do not have time until there is no place in the universe than he is. The history of Islam provides a range of unique and interesting events in order to prove the existence of a powerful influence.
Islam is the Internet, different Islamic sites on the Internet is not enough to know about it. Perfect and can be viewed as an appropriate To learn more about the hidden truth that many people, maintaining constant communication with the site. Share your feelings, asked his question, and make an appropriate comment.


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