Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why Islam

Why Islam is an issue that is interrelated with Islam. Why Islam is a matter of vital importance for the inquisitive mind. Not surprisingly, wondering how he not only belongs to the Muslim population, as well as sensing other people and love of God on earth. Islam, in accordance with various Islamic web site put forward their efforts to clean up the answer, but the fact is that there is enough information on the Internet. Only this site should conform to the truth to you.
Why Islam? Before answering this question is to know the meaning of Islam. Islam is complete code of life to survive in the world, Peace and security. For a society, we must follow a set of rules as an economic system, education system, criminal law, foreign affairs, etc. These rules should take society deeply. This set of rules, which continue to be provided by, or God Almighty. If we follow the rules of God and apply them correctly to the ground, the result will be an unrestricted Peace and security, and if we obey the laws made by man, the result will be anarchy, disorder, inequality, strife and bloodshed on the ground. To overcome this situation can only answer, Why Islam?
Why Islam is clear to us that we can understand the need for the owner. Sovereign is the decision is the latest person to be applied. Each source of the life of any man or God is always sovereign. Artificial life different codes of the monarchy, fascism, socialism, dictatorship and democracy are increasingly popular. The head of each person's work as an individual dictator or a group or community of people, etc. However, the sovereign will of Islam, Allah Almighty If you live in a world of security and adapt the answer of Why Islam is not required.
Why is
Islam and that Islam will become clear in the present understanding of the necessity of the sovereign source of life. As you know, previously, a set of rules, subject to a community to live in an organized manner. To carry out these rules a sovereign is not required. If God does not require a sovereign choice, then there is anarchy in the society.


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