Friday, June 8, 2012

A Muslim name

A Muslim name of a group of people or, more specifically the nation. Islam Online, a collection of all Islamic sites were completely unable to express the reality of Islam Online, a result of incorrect interpretation of the word Muslim.
Muslim generally presented as the followers of Islam to another. The study of the History of Islam may be surprised to know that without him (moments), believer or follower of Islam, the religion can be a Muslim. The fact that the word Muslim mean? Muslim word that refers to those who have a commitment to God Almighty that the sovereign, in the code of life. Rules and regulations are used to surviving in the world in a society known as the law of life. This follows the code of life given by God Almighty is known as a Muslim, but Hindu, Buddha, Christian, or even in the Jewish religion. Poems (poems) of the Holy Qur’an is a proof of this statement. However, as a member of the Islamic religion can be the introduction of the Muslims, may not apply to non-Muslim to Islam.
To clarify the concept of
Muslim, we know What is Islam and what Islam really need. A brief presentation on the subject. Islam is the visual result of a society in which all the pros and provided for Allah is well known. As God is the creator of the universe and only to and about the viewfinder, it's so easy for him to provide a perfect code of life to save humanity in Peace and security. You can also follow the rules and regulations made by man, like fascism, dictatorship, socialism, monarchy or democracy is largely accepted, obvious result of anarchy, confusion, agitation, inequality, bloodshed, etc.
Muslim is something very important to God as He commands believers (moment), not to die, not being a Muslim. The reason for this is too vast to discuss the contents. Looking at the history of Islam, which is easy for us to understand their cause. In general it can be said to be a Muslim is associated with the sovereignty of God Almighty. If a person accepts God as the sovereign God, only then his commanding officer (ELA), and he is a Muslim, there is no other option available.


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