Friday, June 8, 2012

Islam and marriage

Islam and Marriage is an issue important to know. Islam is a system to bring life to the community and an important event in this society is going to dominate the world, and no mess is marriage. Islam and Marriage are very interrelated. First, we need to know what Islam is and why Islam . Islam is a complete code of life to survive in a society with Peace and security unlimited. For a society to live sound to Almighty God has established a set of rules and regulations as the Criminal Code, the education system, foreign relations, economic systems, etc. Such a system is a system of union.

Islam and marriage are closely linked, as the result of the success of the marriage system will provide the rest of the world community. Now we see how Islam and marriage are interdependent. Marriage can be defined as an agreement between an adult male and female. In Islam, it is very simple and easy to do. The history of Islam is a witness.
Islam and marriage is clear. To be very clear about the attitude of Islam and marriage can be realized the importance and purpose of marriage. In accordance with the structure of a man and a woman, both have the requirement of mutual participation. This course, created by God. Thus, the system of marriage is required to keep a society under the rule of Islam . In Islam, marriage, simply and easily, as can easily happen.
Just three easy ways God gave to the relationship between a boy and a girl. These rules are mandatory, so the marriage legal. These three laws are:

The two candidates will
Denmohorana (give money to the child, in accordance with the requirements of girls)
Without the application of these three requirements, no marriage would not be legitimate. All these conditions are chosen so easy to do. The Messenger of
Allah said, a baby would be illegal if done without the union of these above conditions. Thus, in order to keep society free of crime an easy three conditions were selected. This is the true Islam and marriage.
Without a system of
Islam and the marriage was not adopted unless that person can bring Peace. Now, these marriages of attention. Unauthorized fun and different method currently living with the agreement, or even free life, without mutual agreement, etc. The current situation is as it is difficult to marry, but is easy to live together. As a result of various crimes, and diseases like AIDS, has increased in society, that is the inevitable result of disorder, lack of Peace ,Islam  .
Islam and marriage is so interconnected. This is the only Islamic site on the Internet to communicate about these hidden truths.


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