Friday, June 8, 2012

The History of Islam

The History of Islam is a very broad topic to discuss. Commonly known as the above story is not over, for a memorable event. Several events in the last days of humanity, but are not familiar or even known to all those events. The History of Islam and therefore. Since Islam is the only source of living (Din) Allah the Almighty, the audio frequency range, some of which are massive has happened in his long life (eg, during a devastating flood of Noah.). Among the memorable appearance as recorded in the History of Islam

History of Islam, if someone has the opportunity to learn the true
History of Islam, his victory over the lifetime of the code, a huge peace and security of the system, then there are the rather few. The true History of Islam is quite full of glory and conquest.History of Islam, let's start with the topic of discussion. First, we need to know the current situation is the Islamic call is Muslims. Needless to describe the current state of this nation called Muslim (in fact, is more logical to name the Muslim population), so that everyone understands. They are in a regular and continuous torture, shame, suffering, poor description of an aversion to other countries. Again, your inner state of society is full of confusion, injustice, struggle, bloodshed, etc. What is the reason why the sound is going? To understand the true History of Islam, the answer to this question you need to learn. The unequivocal answer to this question can only be subject to the site.The History of Islam is taking its first steps in this Islamic website to know the truth. The Code of life provided by God for humanity is always balanced and smooth. If society has created and provided both by Allah, is not limited and can not be interpreted in peace and security. All the Code of life that God has provided several communities in the world died from the beginning, are represented as humanity is Islam, namely peace and security in question, the answer is Islam. Also explain why Islam is the need to ensure the stability of the survival of humanity.


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