Monday, June 11, 2012


Religion, I think this is the most popular words that I heard. The religion is called to perform a certain understanding of the rules of traditional rules and rituals of some people is a party. But religion does not only mean well. If we look back a little in the history of Islam or even in the history of civilization in the past, the new meaning of the word religion.
Religion, first, look at the modern use, changing the words. The incorrect interpretation of the word religion exists at present before us, like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. In the traditional ceremonies are used as permanent homes, while the Christians or Buddhists, followed by another. Thus, we have all these different religions from each other.
Religion, the current use of the word began to spread the Code of life, that we are moving into the community or society (for example, the Islamic Society), in order to survive together. Since man is a social being, to live in society, the sound must follow a certain set of rules, laws, which are required to survive in peace and security. To do this, why all the Code of life seem to Almighty God brought Islam (the literal meaning of which the world). Code of the Christian life, the Buddha, Hindus, Jews, and even Islam, nailed to the Almighty God and all the codes of life (now know as religion) is really saying Islam, Allah is the creator. In every work of God, the almighty super logical that there should be a compelling reason to choose the name of Islam.
Religion can include a set of beliefs and rituals of celebration. May be different in different communities, but the rules and regulations must be the same, to live in peace. If the Code of life God will always be the basis of survival on the ground, the result is obviously full and permanent peace and security. Conversely, if we follow the rules of man-biased, incomplete and erroneous, the inevitable result will be turmoil, unrest, disorder, anarchy and bloodshed on earth. To ignore or hide the success of the life of the creator of the word religion becomes a source of touch to express some of the traditional beliefs and ceremonies. The result is before us, namely, the absence of peace in the world. We are now on the crest of the technology relative success, but our true condition as human beings is that we are completely overwhelmed and completely lost their humanity.
Religion is a very important word to understand. Again, to understand the true depth of meaning of the word religion, man must learn that Islam and what Islam is a unique code for living life in peace and security, and study the history of Islam also.
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