Saturday, June 9, 2012


Islam, as a rule, known to us as a religion, he thought it would not convey the true meaning of the word Islam. The literal meaning of Islam to the world, but actually covers two main criteria, the Peace and security. The clarification of the true answer to the question of What is Islam and what Islam is puzzling on the Internet. Islam Online is not appropriate in this area. The Islamic Website has been developed to inform about Islam, but are not sufficient or in some cases even the truth (HAQ) at all.

Islam has lost its glory and pride in the misconception of his followers, ie, the Muslims called. We will reveal the true identity of Islam here. Islam is the source of life. As the creator of Allah, Islam is the only acceptable and complete code of life. To survive in the world in a systematic way all the way to follow a certain set of rules and regulations that apply to both the code of life. Some of them may be subject to the rules stipulated by the almighty God and by himself as he wanted. No way out.
God created us and He is the only supreme power in the world to discover the past and the future as the present. Logically, if we follow their laws perfect, have perfect
Peace and absolute security. Conversely, a person only a weak creature of God to remember some of the future past. Do not make a complete code of life without a stain, and the inevitable result of the lack of obedience to these laws will be a disaster, disorder, anarchy, blood in the human community. If you make a conscious and thorough observation of the current situation of the so-called Muslim nation (would be more reasonable to call this town, and not the nation), further proof that it is unnecessary for you. There is another source of life that exists in this land, but the reality is, the use of each of them is sterile. Moreover, applying the standards set by the Almighty God has always been a continuous and unlimited Peace and security, the history of Islam is a witness.
All humanity is now in a situation of disorder fog. Now I was right on top of technological advances, but this soul is empty, a vacuum of
Peace and tranquility. As a man, he is now at its lowest position in the history of mankind. To overcome the situation, he should have to accept Islam as soon as the complete code of life.


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