Friday, June 8, 2012

What is Islam

What is Islam a general consultation of all pious and curious minds. There are many Islamic websites and Islamic books online, but the fact is that I have a proper article on the Web, you will find the question, What is Islam? This site will raise its main focal point in this direction to fulfill your thirst for all Islam. This site is an Islamic website that allows you to get the true line of Islam. You can consider this place as a center for Islamic and Islamic cultural center and an Islamic shop, which will provide all the true history of Islam, and then you will be familiar with What is Islam. Therefore, to ascertain the true glory and history of Islam, but also aware of the fact that Islam is to explore our articles. How to set up the main theme of our site will become the soul of all Islamic sites for you.

What is Islam? but really, why Islam is a matter of great debate. Let's start with this question. The literal meaning of Islam to the world. In fact, it mainly covers two main ramp and security. This means, basically, to realize that society, which can be considered an Islamic center, where there is unrest, injustice, struggle and bloodshed, but the prevailing peace and security.

The rules and regulations, this means you can and can not do under the condition of all mankind to God is the real truth (Haq). When civilization society moves closer under these regulations (the peace and security) and it says that
Islam is the answer to the question of what Islam is.


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