Friday, June 17, 2011

Dajjal book_Chapter-8 Actual Ebadat

IN THE last chapter, I have tried to detail the consequences arising from the changing of the meaning of the 'Kalema' 'La Elaha Ella Allah' to 'La Ma'bud Ella Allah'. In the collective national lives of mankind, all the directives, orders and prohibition ascribed by Allah himself have been rejected and set aside while the Dajjal has been accepted as the Elah with its prescribed doctrine implemented in all major issues. On the other hand, in their personal lives these people offer Salah (prayer), Saom, (fasting, self restrain), perform Hajj give in charity and consider themselves to be they are performing worshiping very well and living in complacency that the doors of Jannah (paradise) are open for them. Now let us see what Allah understands by Ebadat and what Ebadat does He actually expect from us?


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