Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dajjal, the anti-christ has appeared!!

Source: Islam and Dajjal

It will be in possession of two things similar to heaven and hell. What it will claim to be its heaven will actually be hell and what it will refer to as hell, will turn out to be heaven (Bokhari, Muslim). It will be in possession of huge quantities of 'rezk', meaning sustenance from which it will distribute among those who accept it as their Rub. They will dwell in prosperity, while those who oppose it will not be provided any sustenance from it. Furthermore, they will be imposed with sanctions and embargos. In this manner the Dajjal will enforce misery on Muslims (Bokhari, Muslim). The Messenger described the Dajjal as the gravest danger and the most alarming event to ever face mankind from the Creation of Adam to the Judgment Day (Muslim). To further stress on its importance, the Messenger of Allah himself sought refuge with Allah from the malaise (Fetnah) of the Dajjal (Bokhari).


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